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I made this community over three years ago when I was still really into this band and this kind of music and I must be honest and say I have sort of grown out of that stage into the occasional play and a great deal of respect for the boys stage.
And because of that fact, I can't say that I really care to maintain this community anymore and I think it's unfair to those in it to leave it completely free of moderation so I'm either going to delete it and let you all mosey on over to a different community, or give it to one of you fine people. My only stipulation is that you promise to maintain the promotion rules because nothing in the world (or at least the lj part of the world) is more annoying then useless promotions cluttering up your friends page.
leave a comment if you're interested. I'll take a couple people if they want. And please be serious about it. It's obviously not a hard job but I just would feel bad if I handed it over to someone who cared for a week and then forgets about it and you know, sort of ruins it for others.
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