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anyone need some tickets?

So here's the deal. I planned this whole elaborate trip to Chicago to see The Get Up Kids on account of i can't see them in detroit because of my sister's graduation. However, it seems to have fallen through completely last minute. Leaving me heartbroken, but that's not the point. The point is:

I have two tickets to the House of Blues show on June 10th in Chicago and need(/hope) to sell them. So, any takers? I bought them off ticketmaster, so I paid roughly $23 each for them, but I'm willing to negociate. If you want them please please PLEASE contact me, I would love you forever, and we can figure out some kind of mailing thing or w/e.

my aim= drmwithinadrm06
(doesn't matter which one because they are all linked, so i'm on all three at once anyways)
my email=
(i'd prefer if you used the first one, i don't check the other much)

i also have yahoo messenger (agentjonradtke) but i'm rarely on that. however, if you want to contact me that way, just comment or whatever and i'll get on. hell, comment on my actual LJ, i don't care.

Anyways, i would be greatly appreciative if you wanted them. so THEM.

And damn. I am heartbroken I can't go.
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